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  Outstanding photo!

photo: Barbara Leedham 

Barbara Leedham of Melrose graciously contributed this photo to the Mirror for publilcation. It is a delightful picture.

It is of Boston Light, and what makes it particularly special is that, in order to get this shot, one has to take a long boat ride, for the light is located on Little Brewster Island at the outer entrance to Boston harbor.

Further, you have to wait for a perfectly cloudless New England day, then wait for the sun to get into a position to properly sidelight the white brick column. That would be about 3 p.m. on a mid-summer day.

And one has to have a feeling for good composition. Like including those delightful crossing paths, and providing offsetting structures such as the round-roof building at the left and the small white shed at the right.

As for a horizon line, one must consider Michaelangelo's perfect proportion of 8-to-13, which in this case is long on the sky, short on terra firma. And then line the horizon at the left with a lovely white fence -- and on the right, just a smidgeon of view of the Atlantic Ocean -- for too much sea in a seascape can be awfully boring. It is the suggestion that counts.

We're talking about theoretical perfection here. But yes, Barbara did tilt her camera three very small degrees to port. And if I were to edit anything on her beautiful shot, I would (since this is a digital picture) do away with an unappetizing pipe fence in the foreground, leaving the rugged rocks to provide the origin of depth.

And finally, there is not a single tourist in sight. Now that's difficult, even on the Outer Islands.

Or, forget all the above and accept the fact that this is just a lovely picture. Enjoy.

November 1, 2002

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