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Editors' note: Jerry Norton is a native of Melrose, MHS Class of 1942, now living in Washington. Jack Driscoll is member of MHS Class of 1977 and lives in Connecticut. Jean Gorman is a long-time Melrose activist. Anthony Laurano is SilverStringer Ella Letterie's brother.


Just finished reading this month's Mirror and enjoyed it all.

Your review of the Panama Canal story was of special interest. During my navy years I had occasion to transit it several times. The engineering genius involved in its construction was always a source of wonderment to me (not to mention the toil and sweat).

The article on the Roosevelt school by Ella Letterie brought back memories. Kathleen and I drove by the new Roosevelt school before leaving the Boston area last month. While it doesn't look much like the school I remembered, it still evoked nostalgia.

Keep up the good work.

Jerry Norton

To the Mirror Editors:

I enjoyed reading the review of the "Pathway Between The Seas" book. You were able to summarize the 600 plus pages in a few paragraphs! I know that Theodore Roosevelt considered his hand in the Panama Canal to be his greatest achievement as President. This is from a man who had a lot of success - including a Nobel Peace prize!
Closing in on its 100 year birthday, the Panama Canal remains one the world's greatest works.

Jack Driscoll

Hi Jim:

Loved the last edition of the Melrose Mirror. I downloaded the article about State Rep Mike Festa and posted it at his campaign headquarters.  I am always amazed at the quality of the articles - you've got some great people working there.

Jean Gorman

Dear Melrose Stringers:

Please tell Ashley Letterie that I enjoyed reading her reflections on the horror of 9-11 with great interest. For a fifth grader she has remarkable insights. She writes well - she probably takes after her grandmother, my sister. I'm very proud of her.     

Anthony J. Laurano

November 1, 2002

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