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New group looks toward peace, not war

 ... Vote Byrd as a protest, committee urges

by Jackie Wattenberg

A new peace group, now named Concerned Citizens Against a War with Iraq, has been formed with residents from Melrose, Malden and Wakefield.

"Its purpose," the committee's statement said, "is to protest the President's plans to attack Iraq if inspections do not proceed as he deems appropriate." The group was formed hoping to influence the votes of Senator John Kerry and  Representative Ed Markey. However, the committee was disappointed when "both these men voted for the President's resolution to use force as he wishes."

Though Senator Ted Kennedy delivered a powerful speech against a movement toward war, and West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd has been frequently seen on television in angry protest in Congress, arms rising dramatically on the Senate floor, the new committee members feel they must offer protests while the war plans are still in mediation with the United Nations.

The group is planning a television program on Malden's local stations about the possibility of war, will present a speaker on the subject in Melrose, and urges voters in the state to present a write-in vote for Robert Byrd instead of for either Senator Kerry or Congressman Markey, who are sure to win in any event; Kerry is opposed by a Libertarian candidate with little chance to win, and Markey is unopposed. This would be a "protest vote for peace," which they are suggesting to other peace groups in the country.

The new committee welcomes new members; notice of their meetings are listed in the Melrose Free Press and posted on bulletin boards in Melrose, Wakefield and Malden.

November 1, 2002

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