On any Saturday -- 

 ... sneak a peek at what happens in this all-American town ...

by Don Norris

No mall in Melrose, shopping is conducted right here in Downtown, for a large part. The town really gets in high gear on the weekend, especially in the holiday season. The following photos, based on a list of Saturday activities in the Melrose Free Press, were shot mostly during a five hour tour throughout Melrose.

The MHS volleyball varsity took on a talented Dracut team, at Daffinee Gym, and after losing the first two games, stormed back to easily take the third, then edged Dracut 37-35 in the fourth, and won the rubber match going away. Not Saturday, but Friday night.

Susan Spranger of the Ell Pond committee expected 35 volunteers for the annual clean-up, but the temperature was one degree above freezing at 9 a.m., and the people were tardy.

It was so cold on Saturday morning, but the Girls' Soccer league went out on the field regardless. Soccer is a growing sport in this town.

It was Recycle Day, featuring hazardous materials. Therefore the Public Works garage looked more like a space lab than a maintenance shed. Again the line of cars was at times 30 long.

It was break time, donut time, coffee time for this Stringer. Loyalty lasts, and in spite of two brand spanking new Dunkin' Donut stores in town, we went to the old place: Honey Dew, opposite Daniels LeSaffre Chrysler dealer.

Twice-mayor Dick Lyons appears lost in the melange of antiques (and not so antiques) during the Beebe Estate annual auction. Dick is one of the movers and shakers of the volunteer group.

It was the Saturday before election day, and incumbent Representative Mike Festa had his troops out on one corner of Main at Essex ...

...while opposition leader Arthur Hitchman, currently president of the board of aldermen, posted his people on an opposing corner.

Meanwhile church fairs were happening all over town as folks prepped for the holiday season. This scene was at the First Methodist Church.

The Friends of the Library had a special Saturday afternoon inviting the public to experience "Chinese Ancient Melodies", produced by the Chinese Culture Connection. The program featured Lim Zhan Tao playing the two-stringed Erhu, and Shin-Yi Yang, a native of Taiwan, on an ornate Zheng. With Mrs. Yang is Maryalice Leach, one of the founders of the Friends of the Library. The performance was funded by the Melrose Cultural Council.

December 6, 2002

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