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  Hurricane of '38

by reader Sandy Weiss

To SilverStringer John Averell -

Thanks, John, for mentioning the Melrose Mirror publication. I particularly enjoyed the stories about the 1938 hurricane. I remember that storm vividly. I had an unusual experience about 3 years ago when I was volunteering in my granddaughter's 3rd grade classroom in Berkeley (California). The kids had to interview a grandparent or grandparent-aged person. I was working on the computer typing up their stories. And there was one about the 1938 hurricane! I was so surprised. I finally met the Berkeley grandfather who told the story!

Love, Sandy

(Sandy Weiss, from Davis, CA was a classmate of John Averell's wife Shirley at Lynn Classical High School in Lynn, MA and a very old friend. She was the matron of honor at their wedding.)

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