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photo by Louise Fennell

This delightful picture was taken during a dawn-start outing of the Melrose Mirror's new photo group this past fall, from the top of the tower at Mount Hood. It was taken by Louise Fennell.

The scene looks down upon the city's own "big dig", just visable at the bottom, which is an effort to produce athletic areas with fill from Boston's big dig. Key in the picture is the Trimount Quarry, just as the sun lights up the operation in its huge excavation. Further out is the Rowe Quarry in Saugus/Revere, the city of Revere itself, and the Atlantic Ocean. Boston is off to the right, five miles distant.

For those Mirror readers not familiar with our city, Mount Hood is a massive flow of igneous rock dating from the Devonian times, now worn down to 275 feet, located in the southeast corner. The area is also home to the community's mountain-goat golf course that dates from WPA projects during Great Depression of the early 1930s.

So far the photo group has met a dozen times this Fall, shooting such local features as Pine Banks, Wyoming Cemetery, the Fellsland which is another volcanic high flow west of town; the Highlands area, sections of the downtown shopping complex, several churches and schools.

The group will carry on weekly activities throughout the winter, meeting every Friday at 1:00 p.m., at the Milano Center -- although the choice of subjects will be indoors on occasion. The purpose of the project is to provide a continuing supply of pictures of Melrose for the group's parent organization, the SilverStringers, publishers of the Melrose Mirror.

Folks who would like to join the group, or see how we go about this hobby, are welcome any Friday, although we hold a special open invitation on the second Friday of each month. Again, 1 p.m. at the Milano Center parking area. Simply show up with walking shoes, and ask for the photo group.

Members include Louise Fennell, Shirley Rabb, Elizabeth Sunkees, Ella Letterie, Don Norris and Jean Maure. Four of the group mostly use digital cameras, and others use various film cameras. There are times that the group will retire to the computer lab at the Milano Center to review the day's productivity. There is one digital camera available for loan from the Stringers.

SilverStringer general meetings are held every Wednesday at 1:30 in the second floor meeting room at the Milano Center. All are welcome.

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