Poetry in Thanksgiving

 ... important things to be remembered

By Kathryn Anne Klem

Times that are unforgettable for the brain and heart. Times of laughter or times of sadness.

Hoping to have a splendid meal that warms you up on those cold, long, miserable days.

All of my family close at hand through good times and bad.

Never having to go to bed alone. The laughter and voices making their way up the stairs. The booking sound will comfort me to a deep dreamy sleep.

Kindness gets passed around the table just like the turkey.

Saving my pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to get ready for the holidays.

Giving to others and seeing the expression on their face is worth all the while.

I'll love to see my new family members and share my stories of life with the old.

Volunteering for any in need, that's what it's all about.

Illnesses that are major enough for a one day break of school but minor enough for a quick recovery.

Not eating a frozen dinner on Thanksgiving night is a gift to earn.

Getting together with family and friends for a holiday talk means a lot.

For all of these I am thankful.

Kathryn is in the sixth grade in Belmont, New Hampshire, and is the granddaughter of Don and Lorry Norris of Melrose.

January 3, 2003

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