Explaining the crisis to my cat

 ... she howled and wailed 

 by Bernadette Mahoney


A broken pipe causing a flood in the basement caught me by surprise

That's when I cautioned my cat that going down there wouldn't be wise

Her paws might pick up bits of paint from the water on the floor

Which was why I insisted she not go down there any more.

She howled and wailed, for the basement was her very favorite place

So, I put the fear of God in her by shaking a finger in her face.

Then, when the floor was dry and there was no reason she couldn't go back down there

She sat on the top stair with a stony glare and refused to go anywhere.

Ah, but the moment I came upstairs leaving her all alone
She silently crept down the stairs and jumped up on her window throne,

And, as I started down the stairs again, I heard a thumping sound

But, when I went into the furnace room, my cat was nowhere to be found.

She must have crawled under the partition and across the basement floor

Because, when I went upstairs again, she met me at the door.

January 3, 2003

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