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Murder in Melrose

 ... R.I.P. Matthew Schille, age 19, murdered with drugs. 

Len Dalton

Two weeks prior to the submission of this article a wonderful young man from Melrose died from a drug overdose. He was Matthew Schille; an athletic kid, well-known here for his hockey and baseball abilities. Matthew was a freshman at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Where and how Matthew acquired the drugs that killed him is up to detectives to determine. The fact is Schille was killed by the persons who dealt him those drugs.

For a long time drug offenses here have become "slap on the wrist" offenses. Dealers in death delivering drugs do not get threatened with the death penalty or even life behind bars. They do time and are released, but they still deal in death.

Many years ago a professor at M.I.T. acquired some cocaine and tried it to see what all the fuss was about. His reaction: "It was by a factor of ten times the single most pleasant experience of my life"!  The message is that these drugs are overpowering. Young people afflicted with the supreme optimism of youth try cocaine and heroin, which I am told is easily available all-around Melrose today, and they get hooked; often killed as was Matthew Schille.

The presence of drugs here will remain as long as judges fail to apply serious penalties for dealing in death. A wrist slap does nothing to protect our youth. Transporters and dealers of hard drugs should know the death penalty awaits them. I suggest that liberals among us are responsible for the presence of drugs here and no change will be forthcoming as long as they propagandize their permissive philosophy.

January 3, 2003

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