The cold facts- photographing icicles

 ... there's always something there.

by Louise Fennell

In the past I would go to a place looking for picture opportunities, look around, and say "There's nothing here." Now, when I go someplace for pictures there's always something there. The places haven't changed but I have. I look at things in a different way. I learned this from a book called "The Art of Seeing" from the Kodak Workshop Series.

Recently, I was coming home from a hairdressing appointment in Rockport, just driving along listening to music when I had one of those "Ah" experiences. That's when your whole body knows that this is right. This will be a great picture. I hit the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road and looked back from the car window.

After a couple of minutes of looking, I knew I had to go back. As I watched, cars drove by and splashed water from a puddle onto the reeds by the side of the road where it would freeze.

I got out the camera which I always keep with me now and walked over. The problem was the cars kept coming. I'd be just about ready to take a  picture and I'd hear a car and move away. One time I didn't move fast enough. Splash! I almost became a frozen reed by the side of the road.


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