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With recent growth in worldwide circulation comes more mail in response to the 15 to 20 stories we publish in the Mirror each month. Some say thanks, some say we missed the mark, and some just want us to know they appreciate our continuing efforts to show the world what a typical American town looks like.  

But we begin the mailbag with an electronic conversation between two ex-Marines, both from Melrose. The first is from Charlie Northrup, now living in Florida; the response is from Editor Don Norris:

Don, has this war that's come up given you flashbacks of when you were in the Marines.

I was Honorably Discharged from the Marines in '58, saw action in Beirut and Suez Canal, wounded three (3) times.

All the doctors keep telling me is don't watch the news on TV or read the newspapers....any suggestions. I sure would appreciate an answer on clnorthrup@earthlink.net


Charlie Northrup
Melrose resident 1936-1956

No, Charlie, no flashbacks. I was a peacetime Marine and the only action I saw was the natives chopping down our copper lines in Vieques.

I sympathize with you and suggest you follow the doc's advice.

As for this war, I now wish I hadn't voted for the younger Bush. The only purpose to it I can see is vindication for the World Trade Center.

As Marines we, each one of us, will always follow our leaders, no matter what the cause. This time, however, I am an older, wiser civilian and therefore can broadcast my opinion that this war was uncalled for. In the meantime, I will do all I can to support our troops over there.

Semper Fi.


PS: I want your permission to publish your letter in the Melrose Mirror, along with my response. It is important. Both your statement and mine.


In response to our featured section in February, KEMILY3 tersely writes:

Subject: Pet Articles

Excellent pieces about animals. Good job by all.

...and from Len Dalton, an occasional writer for the Melrose Mirror, comes this valued opinion:

Subject: January issue

Your January issue was just about the best ever. The writing is crisp and has electricity. Don's article about flying out of Beverly airport is wonderful to read. My sincere compliments. The photo shoots with Natalie in Boston were equally interesting. Those pictures really do great things for the Mirror. Don, as a kindred spirit, (photography, flying and birding) please keep me in mind for expeditions in the future. My best to you all and Happy New Year.

Lenny Dalton

New Stringer Margery Carter opened her writing career at age 82 with a twist that put Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a chapter about her grandfather. And now Mrs. Carter's son offers his two cents ...

From: "carter88"

Folks, My mother has been enjoying herself tremendously writing for The Mirror, and told me a couple of days ago about your website. So I came by for a visit. Very interesting. I spent more time than I should have perusing a number of your features. You have a great idea here, it looks like a lot of fun for everyone. I'll be back, Dustin Carter

Not all our mail is laudatory. Len Dalton's guest piece on the loss of a Melrose young adult to use of illegal drugs -- and his suggestion on how we should deal with the sellers, drew a pertinent comment from a reader known only as "'vze46w67"

Subject: Murder in Melrose

While Mr. Dalton's upset is understandable, he should be aware that Massachusetts does not have a death penalty.

April 4, 2003

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