A place for speculation, contemplation and peace

by Don Norris

If I ever leave Melrose, this scene is what I want to remember. It is of the upper pond at Mount Hood, which is part kettle pond and part man-made, thanks to a short but deep dam at its west end. It has a shallow bottom of solid bedrock, which probably dates back some three and a half million years, maybe more. But the earth was scooped out during one of the several ice ages that passed this way -- which left us a mere twelve thousand years ago. Almost a few minutes ago, compared to the age of Earth.

The photo itself was probably taken by Stringer Bill Jodrey. Or maybe Bill's buddy, Natalie Thomson. Actually it could have been Len Dalton or maybe, even, me. We're always looking for good pictures.

But that's it. It is a beautiful place, plumb dab in the middle of our depression-built golf course. It is yet another gem in this small city of rocky hills and central valley.

May 2, 2003

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