I'm fat!

 ... but not for long

by Natalie Thomson

I've started a diet in two-thousand-three.
My back has gone "out" from the overweight me.
Fifty pounds more than needed now jiggle my hips
From the sundaes and snacks that have passed by my lips.

I bought a new folder as yellow as spring.
I typed up a seven-day meal planning fling.
With clean sheet of paper, my pen in my hand,
I made a new shopping list.  Sugar is banned.

My cabinets and fridge would be filled with fresh greens
And oatmeal and artichoke hearts, nectarines,
Red cabbage, red onion and wheat germ galore
With asparagus spears, English muffins and more.

Cottage cheese, spicy salsa, and dressing (lo-cal),
Plus cantalope slice for this overweight gal.
Well, that was in winter, now April is here.
I take out the folder and make sure it's clear.

The rules and the regs of just how to get thin
And healthy and wealthy, devoid of all sin,
Are clear in my mind and I'm ready to start
As soon as my holiday family departs.

Or maybe I'll wait 'til the hot mid-July
When vacation is past and whatever I try
Will have my attention and whole-hearted will.
Today I need chocolate...a cold fudgicle.

July 3, 2003

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