Congregational Church indoor yard sale 

From Stringer Don Norris

Boy, I wished I had bought a couple of those cookie tins. Trouble was, this was an unauthorized preview of the recent sale, and lots of members of the Melrose Historical Society, meeting at the church that Thursday night, had money but no sales people.

Umm, umm! Small green handsome bottles, lots of 'em, with new corks. I must be able to find a good purpose for a few of these.

How many times have I needed a small frame for that great photo of the grandkids! Here was the chance at a buck apiece. And I missed it.

Can you imagine, napkin rings for one dollar?! That's for the bunch of three. Old lots, nicely broken in. And nobody there to take my money.

Ooooph da! Couldn't the SilverStringers use that General Electric portable tape recorder. And what a bargain. $2.50! I wonder if it works?

Pie plates? Baking dishes? They came in all sorts of sizes and shapes, some as low as fifty cents. My wife would have gone wild!

Now here's a deal fit for a family of six! Not sterling, but good solid stainless with handsome white micarta handles. For two dollars!

And who hasn't had need for a traditional mortar and pestle? I mean, it could replace that old $79.95 blender my wife bought ... 75 cents.

Well, a pile of plates this big must have some purpose. How about I buy them and donate them to my church ... or, ah ...

Dig that cute little bunny. And how thoughtful to attach a vase for an attractive orange candle. How much? A buck! One dollar!

Do you realize the many uses there are for a bun-warmer? I mean, besides buns. Like with oil at $1.50 a gallon, how about a foot warmer?

Glassware of all kinds, including some rather handsome martini glasses. Have you ever stopped to think what we'd do without glasses?

Here's something that doesn't show up very well -- they appear to be fancy vases. Whatever, they surely reflect the church's ceiling lights well.

Here's the hit of the evening. What would YOU give for a pair of Lucky Lovers' Message Dice? For a lowly dollar bill! What bargains.

If I had bought everything I coveted at the Congregational Indoor Yard Sale, I'd be out about twenty bucks -- and I'd have required a wheelbarrow to haul my loot home. That was fun, though, even if I couldn't buy anything.

I have to admit I'm having fun at the expense of the Church's Indoor Yard Sale folks. I apologize to them, and I'll send the twenty if they promise not to deliver.

May 2, 2003

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