Speculation zooms
 over plate mystery

by Stringer Don Norris

The discovery of half a license plate -- obviously attached to a  local car, parked at Pine Banks Park -- led to a lot of speculation here at the Melrose Milano Senior Center.

You see it above. Three characters, part of a state name, and, best of all, "of America" in which we all believe.

Kay Oh Four. We speculate:  

Boxing fan, placing an illegal wager: Knock Out in the fourth. Obviously fixed;

Perhaps Kansas University alum: "Kansas, Oh four". This fellow has outlived the statistics;

'82 Datsun car owner: "Klunky ole Four".

At which point, Shirley suggested that the license digits were, in reality, Kay Zero Four, not Kay Oh Four. Uh oh. This screws up a lot of innovative thinking.

Secret agent K-zero-four.

Russian H-bomb K zero four, disappeared from Kurtzk in 1990, now in Khadafi's arsenal. Uh oh.

K for kindergarten. Room zero four, fourth door on the left. See Ms Nedlefurth.

How about that "chusetts". Could be Alabamachusetts. Indianachusetts. Californiachusetts. Hachusetts. Bless you. But no, it's got to be the Bay State, Massa Chusetts. The colors give it away.

The orange "05" is a key. Version oh five? Born in '05? Two thousand and five? What happens then? The fifteenth time I've seen "Matrix"?

Our thanks to the considerate car owner who happened to park at Pine Banks that spring day. The rest of our photo group's offering wasn't quite as successful. This discovery was outstanding, imaginative, exciting, and certainly mind-bending. This could be the key to The Matrix.

Or it could be half of a license plate of a Lincoln sedan parked at Pine Banks. Oh well, what's next? ...

September 3, 2004

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