Random Thoughts

Melrose in early spring

 ... with a winter hangover

by David Moreland

Weather is very cold with a brisk wind.
Two flocks of birds -
Whirl and bank, instantly fly up and down
Change color and - grey to black.
The two flocks are separate yet entwined
Some go forward; others reverse direction.
What inborne signals do the birds communicate?
Being so cold the birds must have their daily exercise.


In the seas there are many types of fish.
They do the same things as birds - they swarm.
However, swarming is a safety measure so that the
bigger fish don't have them for a meal.
Sharks like bigger prey, not minnows, while
Whales will surround creel to gobble them up.
Fish are smart because they are in schools.
Fish maneuver same as birds.
What's the point? Birds and fish have instinct.
Only people with cars collide. Once behind the wheel,
Drivers are impolite.
Even with the best of radar, planes and autos crash.
Common courtesy does not rule.
Animals do maneuvers for two reasons.
First they don't want to be food for their own or
other species. Cannibalism exists.
The second reason is the leadership factor.
They seek domination and those who do not shape up
are subjugated. Superior aggression rules with all species, including people.

June 6, 2003

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