Odes to Jim Driscoll

 ... this is your life


At Jim Driscoll's Testimonial on May 21st, Frank Callahan and Natalie Thomson honored him with poetry.

Frank, in opening, quipped that "After many sleepless nights and harrowing days, I have finally put together, devised, composed a few brilliant words for the most popular person here today."  

Haven't been here in awhile.
We're always glad to see your smile
And hope that banks and institutions
Will help you find the right solutions.

And, as they put you to the test,
We wish you, Jim, the very best.
May many doors to you be open
Well, eh: (pause, pause) here's hopin'.

Then, "JIM" from the Silverstringers

Our guy, Jimmy Driscoll, is "Melrose's Man"
He's done a fine job - very best that he can.
He's worked all his life...any job that he saw.
On an LCT (Navy) he won the World War
He worked for John Hancock and Barbara he married.
As Daddy of six, quite a large load he carried.
His kids went to school, so he did PTO.
He worried and laughed as each child learned to grow.
And now, as a Grandpa, he's wealthy and wise.
(Some kids have his know-how and some have his eyes.)
He worked for (inspired) the Chamber of Commerce.
He just had the knack and the talent and promise
To lift Melrose upwards, he planted a crown
On the Chairman of Tulips that covered the town,
The schools and the stores, traffic islands for miles
Pulled in sunshine galore and made all the folks smile.
He made the Y's facelift (We should spell it "wise")
Put in pool and warm water and Programs - big size!
In the background he languished and pulled the right strings.
Milano's new Center just finalized things.
So next he took Seniors (he was one himself)
And he gave them a reason to get off the shelf.
He took a computer and one of his brothers
And printed "The Mirror"...a deed like no others.
And now he's gone on to remodel the Center;
To furnish the basement, our old Irish Mentor.
He won't like this poem, this marvelous guy,
'Cause he's painfully humble and modest and shy.
But everyone sees that he stars as Producer
While preaching the tenet that Life Should Be Looser.
So, here's to you, Jimmy. You're what it's about.
(Forgive us for all of the things we've left out!)

June 6. 2003

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