Not exactly the funny papers 

 ... Stringers mingle with the people of Melrose

from the SilverStringer Photo Team

The Michaelangelo of Melrose, Toezer Rocha. Photo by Louise Fennell.

Look what the Stringers got for Christmas. Digital cameras, would you believe.

We have to poke some fun at ourselves now and then, because this "job" is not what one would normally think of as, say, a work-for-a-living daytime employment. We don't get paid anything, and we foot most of the bills we incur. But, boy, we sure have fun at it.

Last month we spent a couple of days shooting Cape Ann -- and we got some good comments from our families, neighbors and a few readers, too. This month the subject is People. Shoot people. Shoot 'em when they're grouchy, get 'em when they're laughing, or munching on a gooey donut -- but shoot Melrose people.

The Stringers involved in this month's production are the same as last time: Louise Fennell is boss, with her Nikon Coolpix; Shirley Rabb goes crazy with an Olympus digital; Elizabeth Sunkees is managing with a first generation Kodak; Natalie Thomson has been using the new Olympus digital purchased by the Council on Aging; and Don Norris runs a Coolpix also -- and does most of the code work.

We tried to get names and places, but we missed some -- for which we apologize.

Here's what we did for August:

Left: Frances Carroll brings sunshine to the coffee hour at the McCarthy House.
Middle: Coffee Time coffee shop coffee server.
Right: Joel, a familiar face at Shaw's Market.

Left: Eudy Langille, hiding behind a cupa.
Middle: Mike Dennison, the guy from Reliable Fence.
Right: Ed and Joan Fallon, at a donut party at the McCarthy place.

Left: We didn't get her name, but she was off to work in Boston, her first day on a new job.
Middle: Ralph Moore at the Coffee Time coffee shop.
Right: Peggy Chaffee expresses surprise at the hidden camera.

Left: Alice Consalvo, a really sweet person.
Middle: Just back from fishing are Marty McDonald and Johnny Greeley.
Right: Peter Dolan -- Proud father of our Melrose Mayor.

Left: Eleanor Oliver, key person at the McCarthy house coffee hours.
Middle: Ann Santorelli, one of the fun people at the McCarthy.
Right: Lucy Politano, too busy to see the camera.

Left: Joan Veiga, always smiling.
Middle: Affable Joe Jack, from the Cochrane House.
Right: All the men felt faint around this EMT.

Left: Matt Lowery, heading out to work.
Middle: Even the dogs in Melrose have raincoats.
Right: Ed Shea, working up to another tall tale.

Left: Charley Day, a member of the Foodmaster crew.
Middle: Alias John Smith, a regular at the Foodmaster.
Right: Mobile locksmith, always on the go.

Left: Ed, local arts connoisseur.
Middle: Doing her homework on the phone. Downtown.
Right: There ARE fish in Ell Pond. See?

Left: Unnamed gentleman at strip mall.
Middle: Train conductor, traveling too fast to get a name.
Right: How do they know which wire goes where?

August 1, 2003

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