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The skool inmersion program

... it's like I say, you know

by Russ Priestley

If anyone was to like aks me I adventure to say I believe like strong that English is our langwich. Anyone coming to this country to like live should expect to talk at us in our langwich. There ain't no alternating you know. Spose I like go into a handy store. That's like you know a konveenyent store usually run by an Oriental and his family. They have learnt how to count our money and give change in American ... no coins with holes inem you know. And they have a kinda like neat way of puttin good stuff near the cash register. You know like candy, snacks, cigarettes and lottery tickets. That saves a lot of walkin.

To learn our langwich is like not too much to aks. Theys like gonna enjoy our Social Skurity and Unemploymint checks so like I say they should become one or more of us you know. I say this cuz theys a lotta peepul whos here and theys like still talkin the langwich theys brung here withem you know.

Our govment is flappin there lips now you know about an Inmersion Plan. I think they mean like every buddy is thrown into a pool. Thems who can swim have learnt our language like me. Thems who can like float are left in the pool until they can talk good. The udders who can't do like neetha are outta luck. Maybe that's like crewl, but we gotta do somethin you know to learn them we mean biznez. You know like they gotta learn our langwich like I done.

August 1, 2003

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