Kiwi-grape popsicles

 ... cool and green

Natalie Thomson

  1. Assemble utensils and ingredients on kitchen counter:
      strainer (flour sifter)      ($9.45)
      2 popsicle molds (makes 8 each)    ($5.23)
      5 kiwis
      2 cups whole golden grapes
      1 small lime (juice)    ($10.50 - food total)
      1/3 cup sugar  (in house)
      1/2 cup water

  2. Blend 20 seconds, pressing down
      Pour through mesh strainer
      Rinse blender                       ($26.49)
      Blend 20 more seconds
      Pour into popsicle molds
      Insert handles
      Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight

  3. Cook's note:  This was my first  blender.
      After blending, I removed the container
             without the bottom being covered.
      You know what happened!
      I cleaned up my counter, my sink and
             washed my floor.
      I shopped for ingrediants again    ($13.50)
      By mistake, I bought AVOCADOS
             instead of kiwis (I returned them)

  4. Total taxis and busfares    ($2.95)
      TOTAL COST: (excluding time & labor)...$68.12
      Yield: 11 popsicles = $6.20 each)

(Next time the cost promises to be only 99 cents each)

September 5, 2003

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