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from Joseph DiOrio

E-Mail received by the SilverStringers.

Greetings - My name is Joe DiOrio, originally from Rhode Island, but currently living in Burlington, Connecticut. After seeing your web site, calling the senior center on a wednesday, and talking with the loquacious Kay McCarte, I have the impetus to write you and present an inquiry.  

My grandmother, now deceased, always claimed to be related to a Daniel Russell of Melrose. I know very little about this, except I have found out from the Melrose Library Senior Reference Librarian (Linda Walsh) some information that she gleaned from her immediate resources. That included an obituary of Daniel Russell, Sr. (evidently very influential to the city of Melrose in the late 1800's, early 1900's) and of one of his sons, William C. Russell. Another of his sons, Daniel Blake Russell, is much more of a mystery (and probably is the Daniel that my grandmother talked about). He evidently disappeared for 25 years (some say he went to Fresno, California) and only came back after the death of Daniel Russell, Sr.  

As a matter of fact, two people claiming to be the heir to a considerable fortune of the senior Daniel Russell showed up. One was from Montana, I believe, and was determined to be an impostor by a court (and not accepted as his brother, by William). The other, from Fresno, was apparently accepted by William as his brother and stayed thereafter in Melrose on Russell Street, first in the father's house (4 Russell Street) and after the death of William, at 20 Russell Street. The obituaries do not make reference to genealogical information (such as family members, etc.)

So...... I present this as a possible problem for the Silver Stringers - and I appreciate any attention you can give to it. Thank you very much.

Joseph J. DiOrio
17 Village Lane
Burlington, CT 06013-1402
860-673-5180 (home)
860-677-7888 (work)
jjdiorio@ix.netcom.com (personal home)
jdiorio@presscott.com (personal work)

August 1, 2003

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