Crazy hot broiled shrimp

 ... this'll make your guests stand up and cheer!

from Joanne Phillips in Belmont, NH

Everybody has a way of doing shrimp these days, but this is a new one. I have no detailed recipe, for whenever we make it, it's just sort of thrown together -- in the rush of preparing for a big dinner crowd.

One pound of raw, shelled decent-sized shrimp -- medium or better.

In a mixing bowl, I throw in some

Hot pepper sauce
Garlic (minced, powdered or garlic salt)
Worcestershire sauce
Old Boy seasoning (which is fish seasoning)
Dash of white pepper
Dash of black pepper
Some salt ...

Mix it all up and toss with the shrimp.

Broil in a pan for four minutes.


Editor's note: You had better be an experienced chef in trying Joanne's recipe -- and have a knowledgeable feel for how much of each of those ingredients to "throw in". Caution rules!

September 5, 2003

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