Victorian Fair in wondrous color

 ... Snappy snapshots catch local folks doing the fair thing

by Stringer Don Norris

Hot dog at the fair.

Fair host and hostess. John Connery and Marcy Holbrook. At right, street scene by Pauli's Restaurant.

Back packer with precious cargo. At right, lady with blue shirt.

Mrs. Barclay displays her autistic son's new book. At right, the Judith Murray Sextet.

Convention of sharp-looking auxiliary police squad.

Retired from Roy Rogers' series? MMTV covered the entire happening.

Mary MacDougal discusses possible retirement. At right, Friends of the Fells were campaigning.

Dance contest in front of what used to be Ruderman's and Newhall's. At right, either this 'Aux' has made a bust or he's helping a Melrose dad wheel his carriage.

One hundred eighty-nine booths, around ten thousand people, in two blocks.

Some folks brought pets to the fair. At right is Entertainment Square.

Shoulder to shoulder for two long blocks. At right, Polymnia sought singers and gave a short concert.

Professional folks showing how we can get back into shape. At right, the intersection of Main and Foster.

Fire! Fire! ... in the Firemen's mobile training center. At right, what a vendor sees.

Big splash at the Scouts' place, and finally, crowds at the south end.

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