Under-cover photos reveal the real Bostonian

 ... funny, each face is unique, a work of art

by Don Norris

Well, the "sneak pics" are catching up on me, and my images folder is running over. Time to run a few of that collection in The Mirror.

These probably are not Melrose people, but they are from greater Boston, and they look like the typical New Englanders to me. Some pictures were taken in the subway, some at the Museum of Fine Arts, some at Lahey Clinic, some at Hayes-Bickford restaurant. There's even several I shot from the dentist's chair, of Nurse Nancy.

They are amusing, but nothing earth shaking. Sit back and imagine yourself sitting there with these folks. Not a one of them knew that small articulated digital camera was pointing at them.

These three ladies were having lunch at Hayes-Bickford's. What a lovely picture of America.

Can't you tell? They have been mesmerized by the Picasso show at the MFA -- Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Still at the MFA, the gentleman was so ... remarkable, there was so much said in that winsome look.

Deviating from the theme slightly -- the new MBTA subway platform at North Station -- still invites photographic subjects.

A threesome stops to chat. And a postman sits remarkably still for a delayed train.

The young lady walked faster than the shutter, but I couldn't help but notice the similarity of her young face with that of the Hello Girl, at the right. At the MFA, of course.

That's Nurse Nancy -- actually a dental technician -- who thought it odd that a patient would be taking photographs of her while she was working on him. The third photo is when Dr. Lisa Voures poked her head in to see what was going on.

Strange as it seems, that's what happened. After all, I have a new Nikon 5700, it cost dearly and I enjoy using it.

In fact, it is now approaching midnight and our photo team from the SilverStringers are going out at dawn, down to Newburyport, Massachusetts. All of us have digital cameras now, and there isn't much this group won't try. Actually we'll be going by the Plum Island airfield tomorrow ...

A trio relaxes following the Picasso show, at the MFA.

March 5, 2004

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