Random Thoughts

The doctor knows best -- or does he?

 ... Uncle Clement didn't always follow his doctor's orders

Marie Salamanca

Uncle Clement worked at the old Maverick Mills in East Boston, and after work he often visited my grandmother who was his sister. Nonni (as I called her) would always offer her big brother a glass of Papanonni's wine and a stogie (a short, smelly Italian cigar.)

Years passed; Uncle Clement retired and Nonni died. My grandfather (Papanonni) welcomed his visiting brother-in-law one day by immediately reaching for a wine glass and the wine bottle to serve him and suddenly realized Uncle Clement's doctor had said no more wine and no smoking because Uncle Clement had high blood pressure. Papanonni was embarrassed and immediately apologized saying, "I forgot Clement, you cannot have wine." To which Clement raised his arm forcefully and declared, "The doctor died, I can do what I want."

Uncle Clement lived to be 91.

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