Trick or Treat

 ... it was neat! 

by Natalie Thomson

On Halloween evening, the moon wasn't full over Melrose Square but both sidewalks for two blocks of Main Street were full of monsters, accompanied by costumed baby sitters.

Cure-all "medicine" from the doctor outside CVS. No Tricks - Just Treats!

The professions were portrayed in profusion as were the stars of fairy tales and TV.
(L) Firemen: Joshua and Kyle with little sister, Rebecca.
(R) Cinderella: Elena and Woody: Mark

(L) Wendy (of Pauli's) felt like walking Main Street with Lourdes Carmichael.
His calling card says, "Sun Hawk and the Angel."
(R) Babar, at Papa Gino's, wasn't afraid of two witches, especially when they were this pretty.

Pretty witches were in abundance and a corps of cheerleaders tied festive balloons along the two-block route.
(L) Erin and Alex
(R) Jen Garrity and Jillian Sherlock

Wide awake and fast asleep! Tigger Madison (L) is hot to trot
while Sleeping Teddy Bear is hibernating through his first Halloween.

(L) This amateur reporter's penmanship fowled up the names of these lovely highschoolers.
They can only be referred to as Florence S. and Kimberly W.
Right or Left? The notes were lost.
(R) This angel, complete with wings and halo, dropped by Cuts & Such as an out-of-this-world beauty.

(L)They needed a beautiful witch in the Photo Dept. at CVS and
Sandy Crowley fit the bill to perfection.
(R)Uncle Sam (Michael Ragusa) looked very patriotic as his Treat
bag began to fill up at the beginning of the holiday route.

November 7, 2003

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