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Neighbors lend a helping hand

 ... insight on Melrose folks, at Christmas

from Don Norris

That's The Brown place at the right, the Frothinghams in the middle, and the McFauns at the left, on Spear Street, in Melrose. Twenty-eight inches of snow had just fallen, and the whole neighborhood was, well, magic.

That Sunday afternoon, our new neighbors, Anne MacDonald and Sean Fisher, came home from the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital after he had an emergency appendectomy -- right at the beginning of the storm Friday night. Anne had to stay overnight at the hospital because her car hung up in the deep snow, getting up our hill.

So on Sunday afternoon, there was Sean, discharged and sitting in their car, in the storm, in front of their house. There was this huge pile of snow the plow had left.

Anne simply walked down the street and talked with Linda and Mike McFaun, then Steve Wilk, who was clearing out his mother's place with a very nice, big powerful snowblower. Suddenly, I saw all of them traipsing up the snow-clogged street, the snowblower chugging away, setting the pace, each of them carrying a shovel. Then this small army began digging, and the snow went flying, and in ten minutes they had built a path through the deep snow, up the steep driveway. And Sean climbed gingerly out of the car, and two of us flanked him, lending support, and we got him back into his new home.

It really made me warm to see how the neighbors came to help. It was the Christmas season.

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