'Just jot down
 your thoughts
 and send 'em in ...'

From the SilverStringers

Copy arrives in many ways at The Mirror -- folks hand in typed copy, neatly double spaced and clean. Or lots of writers send us their stuff by email, which is really convenient and saves us some minor drudgery. And of course, most Stringers write their story into the proper form, within the inner sanctum of Pluto -- our operating program from the Media Lab at MIT.

But Phyllis Fewtrell's piece takes the cake. Literally, for her manuscript was the recipe for a neat chocolate cake. She even brought along the actual cake for us to try, and it was ummm so good.

That's her manuscript above, as she handed it in at a recent SilverStringer meeting. It was scribbled in a two by three spiral notebook while our every-Wednesday meeting was going on. In spite of the form she chose, we accepted it with gusto.

So if you have a story to tell that deals even remotely with our town, send us your stuff -- any way you choose. Chances are, we'll run it.

January 2 2004

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