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Resolutions 2004

... If we could only keep them.

Bob Ross

Every year almost everyone makes New Years Resolutions they never keep. I am in that boat. For over 30 years I have sworn I was going to give up smoking. Never happened!

For 2004 my resolution is not to quit smoking, just cut down ... again.  A few years ago I decided I could not quit but found I could cut down on how much I smoked. Was at the one to two pack per day then. Smokes were much cheaper than they are now, but were beginning to get expensive. After several months I was down to maybe a pack and a half. Saved a good chunk of money too.

I started keeping a record daily of how many I smoked. Gradually the list got shorter and shorter. I would look at the number smoked, decide I didn't really need one then, and put it off.  Not for long, but it did reduce how many cigarettes I smoked each day.  

I am down to four cartons a month now. Forty packs. (Sometimes a bit more). I hope by the end of 2004 I will be down to maybe two or three cartons a month.  

Dreaming maybe, but I have made some progress, and hope I can continue to reduce how many I smoke each day and then, maybe, just maybe I can really quit.

January 2, 2004

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