Looking Ahead

CoA announces full schedule, lists backers

 ... Changes, updates, what's new in "Looking Ahead" for January '04

by Jack Beckley, executive director, Melrose COA

Looking Ahead -- January 2004

Eileen M. Olsen, Chairperson
Jim Driscoll, Vice-Chairperson
Kay McCarte, Secretary
William Ahern
Gene Baldi
Peggy Kenny
Rosemary Behrle
John Averell

Indexing for Looking Ahead '04
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Section One -- What's new, what's old ...

Fall Preview
Scratching for Dollars
Property Tax Exemption Changes
Wellness Presentation -- Overactive Bladder
Are You Eligible for a Tax Credit?
Health Insurance/Prescription Information
Minibus Transportation
Senior Dining Program
Fuel Assistance
Senior Gym & Swim "Y Knots"
Immunization Clinics
Free AARP Tax Assistance
Movies -- Movies -- Movies

Section Two -- Health programs and a full week of scheduled events ...

Health Programs
Free Wellness Checks
Arthritis Support Group
Regularly Scheduled Classes
MVES Ready to Help
Massachusetts Senior Games

Section Three -- Milano Senior Center Renovation Campaign ...

Section Four -- Clubs Meetings, Trip Information, new and on-going projects ...

Water Discount for Low-consumption Users
Club Meetings, Trip Information
Craft Group
Social Security Payout to Rise
Retirement age Increased
Multivitamins and Medicare
Silver Haired Legistlator
Storm Cancellation Policy
Minor Home Repairs
Deadlines for News Announcement
Programs and Services
Legal Consultation Attorney
Melrose Mirror Internet Publication
Milano Center Activities
Newsletter Monthly
Property Tax Work-off Program
Smoke Detectors
Additional Services.

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January 5, 2004

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