I dislike snow plow drivers

 ... I love them most of the time though

by Bob Ross

Snow plow drivers! I dislike them - sometimes anyway - just occasionally, maybe. I admire them too. Wouldn't have their job for anything. Imagine driving around with streets covered with all the white stuff and coming down faster than it can be removed... It's bad enough driving after the streets have been cleaned (nearly). Only when it is absolutely necessary do I drive when it is snowing.  

Once, during the 1978 storm I got stuck in the middle of the storm. My wife and I had gone to a wake and were coming home, the car wipers could not move it from the windshield fast enough. I had the window down and my head stuck out trying to find my way around Spot Pond to get home.

That's another story, so I'll save it for another time.

So, back to the snow plow drivers. I dislike them at times. Why would I dislike them? Well, it seems to me that they always go up the side of the street I live on first. Push all the snow over to my side of the street, block my driveway after I have cleaned it, and then make the next pass on the other side of the street, with very little snow pushed to that side. It wouldn't be so bad, but that side of the street gets sunshine and it melts. My side is in the shade of the house and stays there until spring arrives or it warms up above freezing.

I thought about stopping one of them and ask him to do the other side (north side) first, but afraid he would make me regret it the next snowstorm.

As I said, I admire them for what they do, but it is maddening with all the extra work they cause me, and I am sure any of you who live on the west side of a street feel the same way.

It is real nice after they have made the street drivable though (nearly). That's when I love them!

February 6, 2004

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