Main Street


by Natalie Thomson

Two months ago, at the close of 2003, the editors of the Melrose Mirror received a letter of inquiry from Tracy Hatfield of Turner's on Main Street. She was wondering whatever happened to the picture taken of her and the owner, Jimmy Turner, during the snowstorm that forced Santa Claus to cancel his  arrival parade in Melrose.

Don Norris, Editor, replied in the January 2004 issue that it hadn't crossed the editors' desk but he assured her he'd delve further into the journalistic mystery.

It turned out that the newest digital camera owner at the time, took these attractive seasonal pictures but hadn't mastered Lesson #4 (downloading pictures from camera to computer) under "How To..." The film was still in my camera.

Along with my new career expansion, here's wintertime charm in Melrose.

Here's Tracy's original letter ...

February 6, 2004

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