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Adjusting to algid weather

 ... its really cold out there!

by Bob Ross

The weather has been weird this winter. Really warm in November and December and during this period we also had heavy snow, low temperatures one day, near 70 the next. Fortunately the snow melted and did not accumulate to remain with us until May.

January and February were miserable. Snow, snow, snow. Really stacked up, and most of the weather men are predicting more for March.

When there is such a temperature swing, to me it really seems cold, even in the 50's. It is not as bad when it drops into the 20's or 30's during the day and low teens at night for several days. I adjust and it doesn't bother me as much - providing there is not too much wind. With a wind-chill factor, it's brutal! What bothers me is when it gets warm one day and freezing the next.

Like it is now, 10-20 or 30 during the day, zero or low teens at night, it does not seem to be as cold. I get used to it and it doesn't seem to bother me as much. It does get bromous at times, becoming Black Ice, and creating driving problems for everyone.

Anyone living in New England is accustomed to the crazy weather and appears to take things in stride. Me, being from the south, and having lived here over 30 years, I have not adjusted yet.

Kinda late to think I ever will.

So to end this, I'll say its really algid out there and always minacious!

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April 1, 2005

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