Random Thoughts

Yikes, it's
   a bulldog


by Kay McCarte

Hi, my name is Mack II. I am a hood ornament for a Mack Truck. I came to Melrose because Mack I had gotten lost - even St. Anthony couldn't find him. It seems my friend Kay has a neighbor Ken who is a Captain with the Reading Fire Department which has a fire engine on which Mack I was jauntily perched. He had a couple of sweaters which he wore with great dignity, but they were getting worn.

Captain Ken asked Kay if she could get a couple of new sweaters made for Mack at the Senior Center, which she did. However, in the transfer from the nice lady, who had knitted two sweaters, to the Senior Center and Kay, Mack I and the sweaters got lost.

I think St. Anthony inspired Kay to go on e-Bay to see if she could find another "Mack." This was a new experience for her and she spent some time figuring out the process. She was surprised at the number of Mack Truck hood ornaments that were up for bid and lost out on a couple by not bidding high enough. However, they were not the same as the one that was lost so it was just as well.

At last one came up for bid and Kay showed me to Ken on her computer. I was just what Ken and Kay were looking for. I had been put up for bid by a seller in Pennsylvania named Fran and when Kay bid she won me. Fran shipped me to Kay who  knitted a sweater (she says she will knit a couple of more) and now I am perched on the  Mack Truck fire engine.

Kay says if Mack I ever shows up, she will bring me back to live with her because she has gotten so attached to me.

February 6, 2004

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