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Doodle-without-thought by Shirley

 ... what do you see in these pictures?

by Natalie Thomson

The pictures above, "doodled" by Shirley Rabb during a Melrose Mirror production meeting, were shown to some senior citizen residents at the Cochrane House with the request to write down a word or two as to what they saw.  What was pictured in these doodlings? The answers were Charles River, Noah's Ark, one-half of a frame, baby blocks, bananas, leeks,  watermellon, picnic basket, big boat, plants, fancy house, tunnel behind boats, dice at the bottom-left, club sandwich on window sill, and three people wrote down "baskets of flowers." A staff member labelled it "cacti in a banana boat" and another viewer saw it as a window box in full bloom.

(For a larger view of Shirley's doodle, click here.

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March 5, 2004

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