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Discovering America -- in Melrose, Massachusetts

... finds Stringers' story in Philadelphia Inquirer 

by Eleanor Jenkins 

The year was 1999, my daughter and her husband had been living in Melrose, Massachusetts, for about five years when an article appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer about a group of young-at-heart seniors in Melrose. They had a website and called themselves the SilverStringers.

I was immediately interested and I jumped to their website to see what it was all about. The stories were great. I immediately learned more about my daughter's new home than I had known before and had to send the link to her. She responded almost immediately.

"Hey Mom, how did you find this? I met a woman from that group last Saturday when helping with the Ell Pond clean-up. She had told me about the site, but I hadn't found it yet."

That woman of course was Natalie Thomson who had been there to write a story about clean-up. When the article appeared in the Melrose Mirror, Natalie had mentioned my daughter Karen, a new Melrose resident. I was hooked. Every month since then, I have been going to the Melrose Mirror to catch up with the newest and read so many interesting articles of memories often similar to my own, though in a different location. I would frequently call my daughter's attention to something I had learned about her new hometown and have been keeping her informed of activities for her and her husband to participate in.

I have forwarded the site to many of my friends so they also could read the many interesting stories.

I loved the story that Jack Driscoll wrote about his "summer residents". My son-in-law and his dog could relate to that. I think Steve and Russell met them.

I was fascinated with the stories and pictures that Bernadette Mahoney wrote about the walking tours of Melrose and was looking forward to a visit to my daughter to follow her routes. The time came this year, I was to spend a week with my daughter to just "hang out". We planned activities in Boston maybe, but most of all I wanted to see Melrose. Once our plans were firmed up, I emailed the SilverStringers and asked if I could come to visit to meet these fabulous people whose stories I have been reading for the past four years. Several Stringers responded which made me feel welcome even before I met them.

Karen and I enjoyed our visit and we were made to feel so welcome. Now when I read the articles I will have more than one inch square pictures to visualize each of the authors.

March 5, 2004

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