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Jerry Norton

To: "Bob Ross"
Subject: Snow plows
Date: Sunday, February 15, 2004 4:27 PM

Enjoyed your story of snow plow woes. I remember my young days on Sargent St. in the Highlands.  

Neighbors on both sides of that narrow street got the same treatment... it was an "equal opportunity" plow. It had to make only one run on the street and piled snow on both sides as it went and we all went out and shovelled our driveways together.


My Reply:

Hi Jerry,
See the story on Snow plows article reminded you of when you had to do it. Do you have the same problem where you live now? It is bad enough being cold, but the snow I dread. Only good thing about it, shoveling helps keeps me in shape. Fortunately I have a snow blower to do most of the heavy moving, provided it isn't ice when I get up. It is still work though.

How about some articles about your life in Melrose before the Navy? Even your Navy travels would be interesting. If you can, provide some photos with articles.
Thanks for writing.


March 5, 2004

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