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"Oracle" Editor touches base with "Mirror"

 ... appreciates essay on Cape Ann

from Priscilla Porter

The correspondent is a founder and editor of the Mirror's sister publication, The Danvers Oracle. The Melrose group served as mentors in the organization of the Oracle five years ago.

From: "Priscilla Porter"
To: "Melrose Senior Center"
Subject: Photography group
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 20:11:50 -0500

Hi all:

Have just enjoyed viewing the pictures taken of Cape Ann and surrounding areas this past summer. They are all beautiful and are so professional. I would be hard pressed to have to pick my favorite. You all are so very talented.  

I wish our Danvers Oracle could have progressed as your Melrose Mirror. Just could not get people interested. I admire your group. I am no longer working with the Oracle.  Have been working for the Town of Wenham 12 hours a week and enjoying it immensely. I am going through files and archiving out dated records. All very interesting. A lot of town history.  Also am still taking Stained Glass classes at the Danvers Senior Center. That is fun.

I still keep in touch by e-mail with a few of you and enjoy your friendship.

Thanks for the lovely picture show of an area that is very dear to me.

Priscilla Porter   

March 5, 2004

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