Random Thoughts

Presidents' day party

 ... a patriotic blast

by Ella Letterie

The room was festive with red and white colors dominating.
Tables were set up with white cloths, red napkins,red plates and the very adorable favors made by the Girl Scout Troop 1246 of Melrose. At each setting there was a small clay flower pot in which miniature hearts and flowers were pressed.

In honor of Presidents' Day the Milano Senior Center held a party in the dining room. Roseanne Green made a list of questions pertaining to the Presidents from Franklin Delano Roosevelt up to our current president, George W Bush.

Irene Derry, who now lives in California, painted the Presidents. She had originally painted each wife and then decided to paint the presidents. They were on display at the Center, and were all done very well.

John Averell brought valentines dating back to 1891, and Arlene Stanton read a letter written by her brother on April 13,1945 when he was in the Battle of the Bulge.

Refreshments were served by the most able staff of Monique, Anne, Helene, Rita and Eileen.

photos by Ella Letterie

March 5, 2004

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