Random Thoughts

Taking the cure

 ... score one for John

by Ed Boyd

Here is a story our eldest daughter, Ellen, told us the other night. We were at Ellen's new house in New Hampshire for a great cookout. Catherine and I and her younger sister Amy and her two boys, Joey and Danno were there.

Ellen's six-year old Molly and the two boys were given early supper so they could play and fish in the pond behind the house before dark. As we four elders sat at the kitchen, somehow the conversation turned to talk about John Gavin, an old friend of Ellen's from high School.

They have kept in contact, mostly by phone, for 30 years or so. John was a big cut-up in High School and long after. After high school John drank very heavily for several years. Ill the past five years, though, John has not had a drop. One day, as curiosity bored in, Ellen asked John why he seemed to all of a sudden stop drinking. John said it happened when driving his father from the nursing home where his dad was living. John's father was a man who also drank excessively for many years. So much so that his health and mental faculties prematurely had been impaired. It was the conversation during that drive that was like an epiphany. Apparently, John's father had a penchant for berating him. His father said something like, "You're never going to make anything of yourself. I mean, look at this old wreck you're driving."

John said, "Dad, this is your car!"

May 7, 2004

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