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What kind of person do we want and need as president?

 ... we need a president who will wage peace, not war

by Jackie Wattenberg

What kind of person do we want and need as president? Many different qualities, many differing ideas.

We have diminished the friendship and respect of many nations through our reckless and misled Iraq War. Most of the world was against this war -- but the Bush administration did not care what other nations felt. It did not care what its own millions of anti-war protestors felt. It began its war against a country that had done nothing against us to warrant such devastating action.

So what we need is a president who will wage peace, not war. Who would that be? Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis Kucinich believes that war should be archaic, a thing of the past. What more uncivilized and brutal action can a leader cause? And yet we have waged eight wars since the end of World Wear II, none necessary, causing millions of deaths. We seem to the rest of the world to be indifferent to the value of life itself. Kucinich would establish a Department of Peace. He would cut down the military funding - here in our safe nook of the world, with peaceable Canada and peaceable Mexico on our borders, flanked by two great oceans, why do we need such tremendous military weaponry? Why spend billions on our military when we lack health care for our people that all of the other advanced industrial nations give their people?

Dennis would also cancel NAFTA and GATT that have shifted so many of our nation's industries to lands across the seas, thus stealing jobs from our own citizens.

Kucinich is a warm, generous, thoughtful, truly compassionate human being. He would bring all of these qualities to our people. He doesn't, of course, stand a chance. But a vote for him might bring some of his ideals to the national Democratic Convention to be held July 2004 in Boston next summer. Ideals we American citizens deserve.

March 5, 2004

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