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From:  Priscilla Porter
To: "Bob Ross"
Subject: Computer tips
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 22:38:39 -0500

Thanks Bob,
Those are some good tips. I just tried the shift + Control + arrow and it did what used to take me time. Plan to clean my mouse tomorrow.

My reply

Hi Priscilla:
Thanks for your email. Glad you found the tips helpful. Anything in particular you would like a tip on? I will be adding something monthly which we hope will be helpful.


From:  Priscilla Porter

One question I have and you may have it in your tips but how can I get the printing (such as I am doing now) to be in larger letters. It used to be much more readable but my grandson has just installed (for my 80th birthday) a faster something. (I don;t know any of the proper names for the stuff.)  He keeps everything going on my computer, backs it up and whatever I need but he didn't know how to answer my question. He works at repairing computers. All hardware stuff...not much software.
If you know the answer, thanks.


My reply solved the problem, thanked me. Will not include here as may put in a future Tip article.

April 2, 2004

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