Random Thoughts

It finally came to me

 ... wondered what happened

by Bob Ross

February is history and we are in March. Nothing unusual about this. We go about our daily routine and don't pay much attention to the change. Not right away anyway.

Me, I didn't notice anything until March 3rd. What could be so different? My watch! Usually I have no cause to check the date and it took three days to notice the date was wrong. At that moment it did not register that the date was wrong. Someone said the date, and naturally I looked at my watch. It showed 3 - 4. I looked down at my calendar and sure enough, it was the 3rd.

I wondered why the date was wrong because the battery was only a few months old. Gave it no thought, but would correct the time when I got home.

Since I seldom had to reset the time I got the instructions pamphlet and finally got it reset. Still couldn't figure out why the date was wrong. I use a wall calendar for day, and a watch for time. Am I old-fashioned?

It was a few days later before it dawned on me after hearing on TV about Leap-year. Suddenly it was clear to me why the date was wrong. Watches are pre-set for normal calendar settings - 28, 30 and 31 days. Automatically advancing depending on the month.

Funny how we take so much for granted but even modern technology can't forsee random schedules. Just goes to show, man is still required to correct mistakes the system makes.

I am curious if anyone else noticed the incorrect date on their watch and took awhile to figure out why the date was wrong... or does everyone else have one more advanced than mine?

April 2, 2004

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