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Computer Tips4/04:
How to: Enlarge font size - Create email folders

 ... large fonts easier to read .. email folders save time

by Bob Ross

Enlarge Font size
If you use Internet Explorer/Outlook Express, try this to enlarge font size for easier viewing.

Use same procedure in
 Internet Explorer (IE).
 Outlook express (OE) EMAIL:
Open your IE browser or OE Email InBox.
  Click on view, then Text size.
    Select Size you want to use.
Try different sizes until you are satisfied.

Local Mail Folders
Your Local Mail box has several folders automatically set up when you set up your email program.

You can create as many additional folders as you need.
Nearly everyone I visit has old email messages in their INBOX they want to keep. Problem is, with so many messages it wastes time trying to locate the one you
want. The thing to do is create a Folder for these and empty your Inbox. This will speed up reading new mail.
NO, this won't delete them, it will file each in its own  folder to view later.

This is a simple operation.
Say you have a message from your son/daughter that has been in your INBOX for ages and you want to keep it. OK, lets save it.
First, to eliminate searching for a friend's name, lets create a folder
"FRIENDS". All friends will be in one folder, easy to find.

Lets do it:

In your email window, right click on Local Folder.
In the drop-down window click New Folder.
Type in Friends, Click OK. Folder created.
On left side, click on Inbox, scroll down and locate Friends folder.
Click on it. Its empty.
If you know whose messages you want to keep by name, create Subfolders for each.
Right click on Friends again, Click on New Folder, type a persons name in the box. I usually enter Last Name first - Ross, Bob.
Continue adding names until list is made.

On left, scroll down and find FRIENDS. Click on the (+) plus sign to left. Your list appears. You will now have a Friends folder with all the names in it.

Click on Inbox. Start at top of messages list, click on a message.
-- You can Drag and Drop, or right click, click on Move to folder. The move window opens, Friends is highlighted.
Click the (+) plus sign to left and your list appears.

Click name you want the file sent to. Click ok. It is now there. Continue moving what you want to keep. What you don't want to keep, delete.

Create NEW folders for any other person or company whose messages you want to keep. Move them to the folder and keep your INBOX empty.

Any future email you will receive can be read and moved, copied, or deleted as you choose.

It sure speeds up reading your email every day. After deleting the junk, at top left of page click on Edit, then Empty Deleted Items. This should be done daily if you get lots of Junk Mail. It will speed up your playing.

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April 2, 2004

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