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New England
  Senators vote
  on gay marriage


by Bob Ross

I was really disappointed in our representatives failing to approve the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. In most polls I have seen, or heard on TV, the majority think marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman.  

As usual, our representatives ignore the wishes of the people who elect them.
It's politics as usual.

This is a breakdown on how New England Senators voted on the amendment to the constitution to ban gay marriages:

Democrats voting YES:  NONE

Democrats voting NO: four (4)
   Sen. Christopher DOBB, Connecticut
   Sen. Edward KENNEDY, Massachusetts
   Sen. Joseph LIBERMAN, Connecticut
   Sen. John REED, Rhode Island

Democrats NOT voting; one (1)
   Sen. John KERRY, Massachusetts

Republicans voting YES; one (1)
   Sen. Judd GREGG, New Hampshire

Republicans voting NO: four (4)
   Sen. Lincoln CHAFFEE, Rhode Island
   Sen. Susan COLLINS, Maine
   Sen. Olympia SNOWE, Maine
   Sen. John SUNUNU, New Hampshire

Others voting NO: one (1)
   Sen James JEFFORDS, Vermont.

The total roll call vote was 50-48 blocking the constitutional amendment...
falling short by 12 votes of the sixty (60) needed to pass.

Voting YES were three Democrats and 45 Republicans

Voting NO were 43 Democrats, six Republicans and one Independent.

A YES vote was to advance the bill.
A NO vote was to stop it.

This info received via email, from a article which gave how complete Senate voted.

October 1, 2004

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