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Bob Ross

From:     RV McCarthy
Subject: computer tips I can't print articles
Date:     Fri, 9 July 2004 10:53:03 -0400
Hi Bob: Good tips you have been putting out. That one on making the text bigger was a dandy. I do not have any trouble reading the stories now.  
Maybe you can help me. My problem When I print some of the stories, only part of it is printed. Part of the picture missing and several words. Is there some way to fix it so I can print all of it?

Thanks for the tips. Old timers like me are not too sharp at running a computer and the tips have been a lot of help. Bob McCarthy


From: Bob Ross
To:   RV McCarthy
Subject: Computer Tips:- Printing problem
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2004 06:13:33 -0400

Hi Bob McCarthy,

Glad you are finding the PC Tips useful.

As for printing some articles and not getting everything is not a printer problem. I assume the articles you refer to have pictures in them. The main reason the page cannot be printed, the picture is TOO BIG.

What you have to do is change your preferences on how pages are printed. In most cases this will work.
With the article open,
 a. click on File, then Print.
    When the Print page opens,
 b. Click on Preferences.
    Print Preference page opens.

TIP:- You can change the quality and how fast the page will print on this page.
  If you are using the Default, I suggest you change it to Draft or Fast Draft   for general printing. This will make your print cartridges last a lot longer.

 c. Click on Layout.
    When the page opens,
 d. Click on Landscape.
    Click ok. The Print page is back.
 e. Click Print.

Unless the picture in the article is too large, it should print everything.
If the picture is too large, you will lose some of it and a few words of text.

Best I can do, Bob. Sorry I can't provide a permanent fix for the problem.

The problem is not with your printer, it is because the photo is too large. I have tried various things to print the full page, without success. Maybe the Editors will take note and address this problem in the future issues.

Bob Ross  

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September 3, 2004

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