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ComputerTips: Feb05
Get sound when Email arrives 

... no need to check

Bob Ross

Now, lets set your computer so while you are working a sound will play to let you know new email has been downloaded.

If you use Win-XP and Comcast or any ISP other than a dial-up connection and your computer remains on all the time this can be used.  

If you have a dedicated phone line for your computer and it remains on all the time this can be used.

If you share your phone line it will serve no purpose unless you stay online for long periods.

1. On your desktop, click on My Computer.
  Click on Control Panel.
2. Control Panel opens.
  Click on Sounds and Audio devices.
3. Sound and Audio Devices Properties window opens.
  Click Sounds.  
  a. A list of programs opens with sounds associated with that program.
  Click on each sound then click on the arrow to left of "Browse" to hear.
4. After making your selection of sound you want, write the name of file in
Sound box at bottom on a paper to use later.
5. In Program events, scroll down to New Mail        Notification.
5. At bottom, Sounds box. Click arrow for drop down list.  
 a. From this list find the name you wrote down and click on it.
 b. Click on OK.
 c.  Click X to close.

You now have sound. When you get email you will know it.
To test this, send yourself a test message. Make sure speakers are on!

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February 4, 2005  

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