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A dead grasshopper- Pond Three - Beer Wagon

 ... regarding "Doodle-without-thought by Shirley"

from Leone Fagan

From: Leone Fagan leewininc@comcast.net
To:   melrose@media.mit.edu
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Subject: doodle pictures

I thought the small picture looked like a dead grasshopper!

Editors note:
Lee refers to Natalie Thomson article "Doodle-without-thought by Shirley" published March 5, 2004.
Can be found in Random Thoughts.

From: "Norm Rautenberg" norm.rautenberg@nemoves.com
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: Pond number three
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 14:53:04-0400

As a young boy growing up in Melrose I spent many hours fishing at Mt.Hood. I would go to Pond Three and sit on the rock shown in your photo to catch "shiners" then go back to Pond One to fish for Bass. It was a wonderful time! Often when the police had "spare" time they would try to chase us away. We would duck into the woods to wait for them to leave and then went back to fishing.

Oh for the good ole days. Life was so much simpler then!
Norm Rautenberg
MHS '57

Editors note: It is unusual to get request for help concerning the same object from different sections of the country. If anyone has any information on the wagon, you can send to them direct, making us CC or click on the hand below and let the Silver Stringers notify both.

From: "JEREMY PINKLEY" MASTERJP@peoplepc.com
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Subject: Beer wagon with horses
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2004 10:37 PM

To whom it may concern,
I live in Springfield, Illinois.  I had purchased a few years ago which I beleive is an old piece.  It is a cast iron beer wagon with 8 Clydesdale Horses, 2 men and a spotted dog, with 18 wiskey barrels.  On the bed of the wagon there is a sticker that says " Highlander House 70 Main Street Melrose Mass. 02176"   

I would like to know more about this piece.  Can you or someone help find out more about this piece that I have?  Thank You!!!

Jeremy Pinkley


Who knows about old beer wagons?
from Ann Trostle
To Melrose@media.mit.edu
From: Ann Trostle
May 28, 2002
Subject: Mrs. Anderson's Letter

Dear all, I live in Okeechobee, Fl..I recently purchased what I believe to be an "old piece".  It is a cast iron team of 8 horses pulling a beer wagon; two men and a dog in the wagon (on the seat). After getting it home and checking it over, I happened on a sticker in the bed of the wagon: Highlander House, 70 Main Street, Melrose, Mass. 02176....tel.#1-617-665-xxxx.  I have tried repeatedly to reach someone at this number. I am interested in finding out if this is a antique or a reproduction. Can you, or someone you know in Melrose, help me?  Thank you.   
Ann Trostle

May 7, 2004

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