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Computer Tips, June05:
Increase size of font and icon on desktop

... no need to strain

by Bob Ross

Unfortunately, as we get older (some of us), our ability to read small print becomes a real problem. If you are a PC nut, getting closer to the monitor helps, but is uncomfortable. This may help you enjoy surfing the net.

I have been using large fonts and small icons on the Front Page for sometime. I use small icons because large ones require that I scroll in order to see them all. I never thought of using it as one of the Tips.

This was brought to my attention when we got email requesting help on increasing the font size to make reading easier.

This change does not effect the font size in email, as this can be done from the email inbox toolbar. It will increase the size of From, To, subject line a bit though. See Computer Tips4/04: How to enlarge font size - Create email folders.

Give this a try to increase text size in email address Inbox and under Desktop icon.
1. On desktop, move mouse arrow to blank area.
2. Right Click mouse,
3. Click Properties
4. Click Appearance
   At bottom, Font Size, Click arrow.
     Select a larger size to suit you.

    You can also change the size of your icons if you want.
    a. Click Effects,
    b. Click Use Large Icons.

5. Click Apply then click OK

The change is noticed immediately. If still too small, pick next size.

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June 3, 2005

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