Trucks everywhere

 ... on our trip

by Shirley Rabb

From Melrose to Tampa and Fort Myers, then on to Mentone, Alabama and back to Melrose. This was the trip a friend and I,(and our dog Casa), took this spring. Most of our driving was on the back roads of our planned and often spontaneous journey.

There was much to see along this marvelous scenic trip but this time we also noticed the trucks. They were everywhere. In front of us, behind us, and along side of us. The busy intersection was in Troy, New York where we had a wonderful lunch at a diner on the corner. The familiar Wal-Mart truck and the two other trucks in front of us were seen somewhere between Rome and Summerville, Georgia. And the lumber truck close behind us was along the road in Folkston, Georgia.

There were the trucks clearly marked with their packed products. The Miller Lite truck was seen in Tennessee and the Rooms To Go truck was on Route 19 as we drove over Tampa Bay on the beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The Elfin magic was along the road in Etowah, Tennessee and that made us think of pulling over at the next rest stop for lunch and a snack.

You can see why we were a little concerned about getting any closer to this low slung lumber truck in Georgia. We did slow down to get a picture of the big yellow truck as it was pulling out of a truck stop just outside Charlotte, North Carolina. The truck carrying the tractor was along the road in Pasco County Florida.

On Route 301 in Baldwin, Florida there were trucks with 110-inch door openings and 48-inch door openings. The Faryna truck full of oranges was taken in Umatilla, Florida, just after we left the lovely Ocala National Forest. The back support truck was taken on one of the few major highways we used. This one being a short run of Route 75 in Florida, between Tampa and Fort Myers.

The empty U.S. Brick & Block truck along with the dirty oil truck were on the road near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The construction vehicle was working along the road in Cleveland, Tennessee.

You know that the new cars were heading for Tallahassee or somewhere along Route 10 in Florida, but we wondered what was under the tarpaulin of this truck that came from Washington to Georgia carrying a mysterious cargo. We tried but couldn't figure out the contents of this Florida truck pulling the trailer along the busy road in Georgia.

The truck loaded downs with felled trees and brush obviously is some kind of yard trash removal vehicle. The clean white truck carrying nitrogen drove at a reasonable speed under the blue skies in Cross City, Florida, but the truck number 5073005 carrying some sort of fuel was oblivious of the 60 mile speed limit as it passed us at about 70.

We stopped to visit family in Waxhaw, North Carolina.
Friends in Alabama took us to Desoto State Park, to view the powerful 104-foot waterfall,and Rock City was a walking tour atop Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga. Also in Tennessee we stopped to walk the streets of  Jonesborough, the oldest town in this state which was the first township staked out in 1779. We drove through Pigeon Forge, the home of Dollywood, in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  We toured the Edison Ford estate in Fort Myers and the "Cigar Capital of the World" in Ybor, a section of Tampa. Nestled in the pines near, Thomas, West Virginia, is the smallest church in the original 48 states. The church is 16'x11' inside with six pews to seat 12 worshippers. We stopped in Amish country and visited the Georgia Fruit Cake Company. We purchased cheese in two states and wine in three states, and we had a wonderful time with family and friends.

May 7 2004

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